CL&S Bundle !!!!


🎨 **Original Chef Lenny and Sons Stickers + Polkadot Bowtie Set** 🎩

Add a dash of culinary charm to your collection with our delightful sticker set featuring Chef Lenny and Sons! Perfect for decorating your notebooks, laptops, or any surface that needs a touch of whimsy. Plus, complete your look with a stylish polkadot bowtie from our colorful collection!

**What's Included:**
- Three original stickers featuring Chef Lenny and Sons
- One bearded dragon sized polkadot bowtie from our collection (color chosen at random: red, purple, brown, cream, or blue)

Each sticker/bowtie is crafted with care, bringing character and joy to your everyday items. And with a randomly chosen bowtie, it's a surprise that adds extra fun to your ensemble!

🎁 **Perfect for:**
- Gifting to foodies and sticker lovers
- Adding personality to your belongings
- Dressing up in style with a touch of whimsy

Add flair to your day and order now! 🌟

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